Points are awarded for every £1 you spend on a product so £1= 1point



If you have 100 points in your account you could use them to get £1 off your next purchase.

Paw points never expire and you decide how many to use and when which is all done at the top of the checkout page and explains it all to you.


Use 150 Paw Points Loyalty for a £1.50 discount on this order!

You can look at your paw points anytime just go to your account page and click Paw Points Loyalty.

You will also be able to see your unique referral link you can send to people and if they use that and place an order you will receive 500 paw points.

(They must be a completely brand new customer to the site with different contact details & delivery address to the referrer)

Please note any abuse of the referral program will result in deletion of points within your account, and possible deletion of your account all together.

We also reserve the right to take money owed to us if the points have already been used.

We have kept our Paw Points system very simple but the only way you can accumulate paw points is by logging in with your username and password as a registered customer, paw points are linked to the account holders’ email address so guest checkout where you fill in all your details every time will not be able to keep paw points.

(Very Important)

Your email address in your account and the email address on checkout must be the same to receive paw points as that’s how the system links paw points to your account. 

Pawpoints cannot be transferred to a different account or email address.

For more information please see our terms and conditions page